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If you're anything like the average Metro Atlanta area homeowner, then you want your home to be comfortable, efficient, safe, and healthy. This is what the science of home performance aims to achieve. With our home performance services, Dayco Systems looks at your house as a whole system to find where your energy-saving opportunities are.

  • We Provide a 100% Performance Guarantee
  • Our Service Professionals Are Up-to-Date Training and Certifications
  • Our Goal Is to Earn Your Trust and Confidence

We install the leading home performance products from brands you can trust like Trane and Nexia, and our efficiency-testing will find places where we can fine-tune your home so it's as comfortable and efficient as possible.

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High-Efficiency Trane Equipment

Dayco Systems is a Premier Trane Comfort Specialist—Trane trusts us to do the finest work using their most advanced equipment. And Trane's best equipment has energy efficiency ratings that can make drastic improvements to your home performance. The high-efficiency Trane units we install include air conditioners with the most advanced in variable speed motors and multi stage compressors, and high efficiency furnaces that can score 97.3% AFUE thanks to modulating variable-speed blower motors, ComfortLink communications, and modulating gas burners that adapt to comfort needs and reduce energy consumption.

We can install many different AC and furnace models with a range of efficiency features, so you can be assured we'll find the unit that meets your home needs and your current budget.

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Smart Home Automation

We can connect your house to a Nexia smart home system, one of the finest in home automation products. We can also pair your Nexia system with Trane's ComfortLink Controls so you can enjoy the finest climate control throughout your house—from the Nexia app or through Nexia's smart automation.

Our smart home automation installations let you remotely change the temperatures, set energy-saving programs, receive diagnostic alerts to catch problems early, and control a range of other products—lights, garage doors, windows, home security systems, sprinklers, video cameras, and hundreds more. Let the experts at Dayco Systems make your house the smartest in the Greater Metro Atlanta Area.

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Duct System Efficiency Testing

The ductwork of a home is often at the center of energy waste. Leaking air ducts allow for a loss of 30% of the energy used in an HVAC system, and poor insulation or duct design can contribute even more loss. Our duct system efficiency testing looks to optimize your HVAC system by measuring air pressure, correcting fan airflow, and sealing ducts. If you haven't had duct testing done before, call to schedule this vital service.

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Equipment Efficiency Testing

You may not be looking to have new HVAC equipment installed. Our technicians can help you to maximize your current heating and air conditioning efficiency if possible—although we may recommend replacements for older equipment. Our team performs a number of efficiency tests, such as testing the airflow and amperage of the blower motor, and handles other essential tasks such as cleaning coils and blowers for improved performance. We also handle combustion analysis for gas-powered systems to ensure safe operation.

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