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Top 10 Reasons for an Underperforming AC System

Top 10 Reasons for an Underperforming AC System

June 7th, 2021

As the temperatures continue to increase in the Atlanta Metro area, it goes without saying that it’s time for us all as homeowners to make sure our air conditioners are well-prepared.

This means, of course, ensuring your air conditioner is well-maintained. If you haven’t done so already, please reach out to our team ASAP to schedule your next cooling system tune-up!

In the meantime, read on as we uncover the top 10 reasons your air conditioner may otherwise underperform.

10. The Refrigerant Isn’t Properly Charged

The Refrigerant Isn't Properly Charged

A refrigerant charge is the level of refrigerant in your cooling system. Upon manufacturing, your air conditioner is supplied with enough refrigerant to ideally last its entire lifespan.

Mistakes can be made in manufacturing, or you can experience refrigerant leaks with older systems. If your AC doesn’t have the appropriate refrigerant charge, you’ll experience a loss of cooling, increased system wear and tear, and potentially premature replacement needs.

Leaks can happen in older systems, but it’s not totally unique to aging air conditioners. It can also happen with newer systems, especially if they are ill-maintained.

9. The Air Filter Is Dirty or Clogged

The Air Filter Is Dirty or Clogged

Your air filter inside the HVAC system is in place to protect that system from dirt, dust, and other debris that can get inside and damage its components. When the air filter gets too clogged up though, it restricts airflow coming into the system, and therefore impacts airflow going out.

Ultimately this causes your air conditioner to run longer in order to compensate for the loss of airflow, and it can exacerbate standard wear and tear. Homeowners should be changing their air filters on their own every 1-3 months. It’s the one small maintenance task that you can (and should) be doing on your own.

8. The Air Conditioning Unit on the Exterior of Your Home Has Bent Fins

Air Conditioning Unit on the Exterior of Your Home Has Bent Fins

The outside unit of your air conditioner houses the compressor, the “heart” of your entire air conditioner. This is where refrigerant gets condensed and makes the cooling system possible. It’s also where the hot air from inside your home is expelled.

When it has bent fins, it can prevent heat from getting expelled as it should, which can cause the whole outdoor unit, compressor included, to overheat and shut down.

If you are able to see bent fins on your unit, please give us a call ASAP! We offer AC repairs in Alpharetta and the greater metro Atlanta area.

7. The Fan Speed of Your AC Systems Is Not Optimized

The Fan Speed of Your AC Systems Is Not Optimized

Your air conditioner’s fans are designed for a particular speed. If that speed wasn’t optimized correctly upon manufacturing or was miscalibrated during installation, then your air conditioner will struggle to meet the desired temperature on your thermostat, and therefore work very inefficiently.

6. The AC System Has an Old Blower Fan That Needs to Be Replaced

The AC System Has an Old Blower Fan That Needs to Be Replaced

The blower fan is responsible for actually distributing the cooled air that comes through your ductwork into your living space. If the blower fan is old and therefore damaged, or if the motor bearings for the blower fan’s motor have worn down, it will cause the blower fan to work ineffectively.

When this happens, you may notice uneven cooling or low airflow. This is definitely a problem we’d catch during maintenance, and we can help you out with easily!

5. Your AC System Was Poorly Sized for Your Home

Did you know that an air conditioner that’s too big for your home can be just as detrimental as one that’s too small for your home? It will go through a process called short-cycling, which is when it turns on and off rapidly. This means your cooling system will accumulate wear and tear faster, and probably not last nearly as long as it should.

Unfortunately, no amount of repairs or maintenance will fix this. In this case, it’s best to upgrade your AC system to a properly sized one for the best efficiency.

4. The Airflow System of Your Home Is Underperforming

The Airflow System of Your Home Is Underperforming

Whether it’s improper fan operation, damaged ductwork, or burnt-out motors, the airflow system of your home is integral to allowing your air conditioner to function as it should. If any part of the airflow system is operating poorly, then the air conditioner is certainly going to underperform as well.

Were you aware that you could be losing 30% of your conditioned air due to damaged ductwork? Small pinhole leaks can develop over time and lead to efficiency loss, meaning your air conditioner simply won’t be able to reach your desired temperature, and therefore will work inefficiently.

3. The Air Ducts of Your Home Are Leaking or Blocked

Air Ducts of Your Home Are Leaking or Blocked

Dirty ductwork can also play a role in an underperforming air conditioner. Household occupants don’t often realize this, but ducts can accumulate pounds of dust, dirt, and allergens throughout the year. Not only will this wreak havoc on anyone in your home with allergies or asthma, but it also restricts airflow and forces your air conditioner to work harder, essentially, to do its job.

2. Your Thermostat Is Not Communicating with the AC System

Your Thermostat Is Not Communicating with the AC System

If the compressor is the “heart” of your air conditioner, the thermostat is the “brain,” sending all the signals needed to your air conditioner to turn on, turn off, and run for a predetermined amount of time in order to reach the desired temperature setting you have on the thermostat.

If the thermostat is miscalibrated or not installed where it should be, it may not communicate correctly with the air conditioner system, and that AC system will underperform.

1. You Have an Old or Outdated Air Conditioning System

A well-maintained air conditioner will last 10-15 years. Beyond this point, it will start to succumb to wear and tear, have increased repair needs, and will cost you more to run from month to month. You simply cannot expect an aging air conditioner to perform as well as a brand new, high-efficiency system.

Fortunately, air conditioners today are automatically designed with more efficiency than systems even 7-10 years ago. With higher SEER ratings, and more options like variable-speed blowers, today’s air conditioners are ready to perform as you expect them to–or even better than you expect them to! Contact us to learn more about our AC installation and replacement services.

When you need a reliable HVAC company in Alpharetta, look no further than Dayco Systems. We provide quality ac repairs in Alpharetta, GA , and more! Contact us today.