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Should I Get an Air Quality Test for My Home?

Should I Get an Air Quality Test for My Home?

February 27th, 2023


People commonly think of air pollution as something that affects the outdoor air. They don’t connect it to the air in their homes. It’s true that outdoor air pollution is an issue, but poor indoor air quality is also a major problem. The US EPA has identified it as one of the most significant health threats in the country.

The good news is that, while you can’t do much about outdoor air pollution, you do have control over the air in your home thanks to indoor air quality (IAQ) devices and methods. It starts with arranging for an air quality test. 

Why We Recommend Air Quality Testing

You might stand in the middle of your house and take a deep breath and sense … nothing. The air feels fine. But indoor air quality issues are deceptive and not often obvious. 

Your house is filled with many sources of air pollutants. It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your home (although this does help with dust), there are objects and materials in it that emit chemicals and volatile organic compounds. Paint and varnish. Upholstery. Cleaning products. Cosmetics. Pressed wood. Air fresheners. Hobby products. Many of the pollutants in the air of a home are invisible to the naked eye, but will still affect the health of people in the household.

There are other insidious sources of indoor air pollution that can develop out of your sight. Mold is a major one. Black mold can grow inside the ductwork of the ventilation system and send toxic spores all around your house whenever the fan turns on. This is a problem you might be able to detect as a moldy odor in the air. 

Poor ventilation is another source of low indoor air quality. Poor ventilation can allow for the concentration of harmful pollutants, and it also affects humidity levels. If a house isn’t receiving enough fresh air, the indoor air will turn stale and pollutants will continue to build up.

General poor indoor air quality can trigger several health concerns, and these are often major signs that you need the air tested. If you find you’re feeling fatigued more often, or you’re suffering from persistent congestion, coughing, wheezing, or headaches, having your air quality checked is a wise course of action. (We also recommend you see a doctor as well.)

The bottom line is that air testing is worthwhile for any home. Low IAQ is simply too common in homes for you to let the air you and your family breathe go unexamined.

Arranging for Air Quality Testing

We offer air quality testing in Acworth, GA as well as powerful air quality monitoring that can see your household enjoys the best quality indoor air. We recommend HAVEN whole-home air quality management, which we can integrate directly into your HVAC system. HAVEN not only filters and purifies air, it provides you with real-time data through the HAVEN IAQ app. Talk to our HVAC pros today to learn more.

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