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Is Turning My Home Into “Smart Home” Really Affordable?

Is Turning My Home Into “Smart Home” Really Affordable?

April 10th, 2023


The term “smart technology” has become ubiquitous in recent years, applied to everything from televisions to toasters. (Yes, there are “smart” toasters.) You may already have several pieces of smart technology in your house.

But what about having a “smart home”? This may sound like something that’s out of reach because it conjures up images of an automated House of the Future from some popular science-fiction series on a popular streaming outlet—possibly one where the house rebels against its owners in a late-season twist. Is making your home into a “smart home” something that’s affordable, or should you just try to feel satisfied with your smart toaster? (Again, real thing!)

Let’s look into what sort of investment you need for smart home automation in Acworth, GA.

The Devices of a Smart Home

The initial cost for a smart home is the price of the smart devices. This isn’t an all-or-nothing decision: you can decide how many of these devices are necessary for the results you want, and this is where you can start to gauge how much you want to pay. The most common smart home devices are smart thermostats, lighting, locks, security cameras, and speakers. The smart thermostat is the best place to start: quality brands for smart thermostats (such as the Nexia system) will cost more than $200, but they will offset their purchase price by how much they can save on energy costs. We’ll get into that aspect a bit later.

Installation Costs

Putting in smart automation for a home isn’t something you can do on your own; you will need to hire professionals to take care of this part of the job. In fact, we recommend you have the professionals assist you with finding the right devices before the installation; it’s essential that these different smart devices can interface with each other and create the home automation experience you want. If you hire us for your smart home systems, we’ll give you a quote on how much the installation will cost.

Monthly Subscription Costs

This is another part of the smart home to consider: many smart home systems require monthly subscriptions for some of their additional features, such as remote monitoring for security systems. As with selecting smart devices, you can customize your smart home to match not only your needs but also your budget. 

The Cost Offsets

Taking into account the cost of the devices, their installation, and any subscriptions, you’ll have a good picture of how much you’ll need to pay to have the type of smart home you want. But that amount in dollars is only part of the larger canvas of the smart home—you need to consider the benefits, both the money savings and the other advantages, that make a smart home worth it. Most smart systems help you save money, such as adjusting the comfort systems to maximize energy consumption or shutting off lights when not in use. They also deliver better living, with increased comfort, safety, and peace of mind.

We’d like to help you find your best path to an affordable smart home through our home automation system services. Set up an appointment with us today.

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