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“Can Smart Home Technology Really Save Me Money?”

“Can Smart Home Technology Really Save Me Money?”

September 12th, 2022


The concept of “smart homes” has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason! Smart home technology makes homeownership more convenient, more enjoyable, and even more affordable.

Dayco can help you with this, with the professional installation of an upgraded smart thermostat.

Newer versions of thermostats are capable of so much more than just being able to manually adjust the temperature. Smart and WiFi thermostats can do more than even a digital thermostat. So, if it’s been a decade or longer with the same thermostat in your home or you don’t already have a smart thermostat, now might be the time to consider one. Because yes, this smart home technology can save you money!

Smart Thermostats Are More Accurate

Older, manual thermostats–and even basic digital thermostats–won’t be as accurate as a smart or WiFi thermostat. You might think that “close enough” is just fine, but the truth is that the difference between even just a couple of degrees can have a big impact on your heating and cooling bills.

Additionally, when your HVAC systems aren’t actually reaching your desired temperature settings, you won’t feel as comfortable as you should. While digital thermostats are definitely an upgrade from the old manual thermostats, you’ll benefit even more from a smart thermostat.

Taking Programming a Step Further

One of the greatest benefits of upgrading an old, manual slider thermostat to even a basic digital one, is that you have the ability to program when it comes on or shuts off. This is beneficial because it means you don’t need to heat or cool your home when you’re hot there, or you can adjust the temperatures to be a little warmer or cooler than you need for when you’re home.

Programmability allows you to adjust temperatures appropriate for the time of day, and you could end up saving drastically on your energy costs as a result. You could potentially even program the digital thermostat to signal your HVAC system to come on about a half hour before you come home from work or wherever else life takes you.

The Smart Thermostat Advantage

Smart thermostats take these programming abilities a step further with smart technology. They include Wi-Fi capabilities that allow them to learn from your heating and cooling preferences, and adjust themselves accordingly.

This is precisely what gives these thermostats their “smart” name–they essentially study and learn your habits within a couple of weeks to find the more preferable and the most efficient settings for you. The really high-tech smart thermostats can even highlight opportunities for even greater efficiency.

Last but not least, another great thing about smart thermostats is that their Wi-Fi capability makes them accessible from anywhere you’re. Whether you’re home or not you can control when your HVAC systems cycle on, and what the temperature of the home is.

Whether you want to learn more or if you’re ready today to invest in smart home automation inAcworth, GA, you needn’t look any further than Dayco Systems. Contact us today!