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What’s the Big Deal About Inverter ACs? Quite a Lot!

What’s the Big Deal About Inverter ACs? Quite a Lot!

May 29th, 2023


Listed under air conditioning services on our website is something called inverter air conditioners. Perhaps you’ve heard something about these types of ACs before, or maybe this is the first time you’ve come across them. Whatever the situation, we want you to know more about this type of comfort technology. Inverter ACs have become a big deal during the past several years, and for some excellent reasons.

If you have more questions about inverter air conditioners in Acworth, GA, talk to our team. We have three generations of history in the HVAC field and we always keep current with the latest advances in comfort technology.

The Inverter AC Basics

The name inverter air conditioner doesn’t tell you much, so here’s the important parts you need to know. 

Inverter air conditioners use inverter motors to power their compressors. An inverter controls the frequency of the power going to the compressor motor, and this controls the rotation speed of the motor. Where a standard motor can only operate at a single speed—on or off—an inverter motor can modulate the speed and power at which it operates. 

With an inverter air conditioner, you don’t have to have the AC run at the same power level each time it comes on. Don’t worry about having to control this yourself: an inverter AC automatically ramps its power up and down based on the amount of cooling it needs to do. 

(Something important to note: the thermostat doesn’t control the amount an air conditioner works. It’s only a switch that tells the air conditioner when to turn on and off. You don’t have control over the motor through the thermostat.)

The Inverter AC Benefits

  • Energy savings: When a motor works at 100% capacity all the time, it uses much more energy than a motor that can power down to 40%–60% capacity when it doesn’t need to be at peak power. In fact, inverter motors only work at full capacity a fraction of the time, so each time the AC comes on, you’ll save money compared to using a standard AC.
  • Fewer temperature fluctuations: When an AC can only work at one power level, it will often end up creating uneven comfort around a house. The house will get too cold and then have to get too hot again before the AC turns back on. With an inverter AC, the air conditioner continually modulates its power levels to ensure even cooling. The air conditioner will run for longer to avoid temperature extremes, while still using less power.
  • Quieter: If you’re looking for an AC system that makes less noise, you definitely want to look into inverter systems. They run at lower decibel levels than standard ACs because they usually work at lower power levels.

Inverter air conditioning systems are more expensive than standard ones, but the benefits (such as lower energy use and the savings that come with it) may outweigh the higher price tag. Our techs will help you find the ideal new cooling system to meet your needs.

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