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Professional AC Installation vs DIY Installation

Professional AC Installation vs DIY Installation

September 5th, 2022


For homeowners looking to have an air conditioner installed during this time of the year, we are certain that time doesn’t seem like it’s on your side. We understand, however, that rushing into a purchase of this scope could end up leaving you with an air conditioning system that operates ineffectively and inefficiently, plus has a number of repair needs. It may not even last its entire 10-15 year lifespan.

Issues such as these can absolutely be avoided though! How? By contacting experienced and qualified professionals such as the Dayco staff for your air conditioning system installation. Whether you’re in the market for a central air conditioner, heat pump, or ductless system, anything outside of a portable window unit needs to be installed by a professional vs. a DIY job. Read on to learn why.

We Know How to Effectively Remove the Old Air Conditioner

Wait what? you may be wondering. I can’t take out my own air conditioner?

You could but you might regret it.

The problem is, that your old air conditioner has a variety of components that need to be disposed of the right way in order to remain safe. Refrigerant is one of these components, for example. This is an especially important point if your old air conditioner still used R-22 refrigerant, which has been phased out as of January 2021 due to the harmful impact it had on the environment. Our qualified technicians know all the steps of a successful and safe AC extraction.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that even for trained professionals, the removal of an old air conditioning system can actually be the most laborious and tedious part of a new AC installation. Special care has to be given to ensure that nothing is knocked out of place that will be needed for the new system, like ductwork or electrical wiring.

We Know How to Make Appropriate Connections

Once your new cooling system is placed, our professionals connect it to the important components needed for it to function. The main component we’re talking about is your ventilation system–your ductwork.

Of course, if you decided to have a ductless system installed then this point is moot. But there are still connections that need to be made with this type of central cooling system too.

Sometimes, however, ductwork will need to be shifted a bit to make connections properly. Our pros are skilled at doing this without accidentally damaging any components in the meantime. The same goes for the electrical connections that are needed for your air conditioner to actually function.

Last But Not Least, We Test the System

This is the last, but the most important, step of professional air conditioner installation. We ensure that your system is actually working! Not only this, but we make sure it is working as efficiently as it is meant to.

If we didn’t take this step, you might be stuck with a system that’s not working as well as it could be, without even knowing, until you start seeing high energy bills with no other explanation. Set your air conditioner up for success by trusting a trained, licensed, and experienced contractor!

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