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How Inverter AC Systems Can Save You Money on Your Energy Bills

How Inverter AC Systems Can Save You Money on Your Energy Bills

March 13th, 2023


You might think of air conditioning technology as relatively stable, if not stagnant. ACs haven’t changed much over the past twenty years, or maybe thirty to forty years.

This isn’t true, however! Cooling and heating manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve their products, especially in the realm of energy efficiency. Reducing the amount of energy air conditioner models consume not only improves the finances of the homeowners who have them installed, they contribute overall to a healthier environment. 

One of the key developments in AC technology is the inverter air conditioner. These systems, often referred to as high-efficiency air conditioning systems, are becoming more popular with homeowners. We install the top brand of inverter air conditioners in Acworth, GA and throughout Metro Atlanta, and we’d like to show you how installing one of these cooling systems can help you save on your monthly energy bills.

ONE: Better compressor speed control

At this point, you might be wondering why we haven’t actually explained what an inverter air conditioner does. We waited because this first benefit contains all you need to know. An inverter AC has an inverter motor to control the speed of the air conditioner’s compressor. Rather than have the compressor run at the same capacity all the time, as with standard air conditioners, the inverter motor modulates the compressor speed to match the cooling needs indoors. Because the compressor won’t need to run at 100% capacity whenever it’s on, it will not consume as much energy—and you’ll pay less on your energy bills.

TWO: Fewer temperature fluctuations

If you feel that your AC makes the house too cold whenever it’s on, you’ll like what an inverter AC will do for you. Because the inverter motor continually modulates compressor speed, it eliminates most of the temperature fluctuations that a conventional AC encounters. Not only does this mean better comfort in your home, it also means less need for the AC to stop and start, another way to lower energy use and energy bills.

THREE: Less Cycling

An air conditioner’s compressor consumes the most amount of energy when it starts up. This is why a rapidly cycling AC that turns on and off multiple times per hour will become a major money-waster. Inverter ACs get rid of this problem because they can keep the air conditioner running for longer cycles at lower capacities. The air conditioner uses less energy while it runs, but it also uses less energy because it doesn’t need to shut down and turn back on as often.

FOUR: Longer System Life

The compressor is the heart of an air conditioning system. When it wears down and fails, it usually means the whole AC must be replaced. An inverter AC places much less strain on its compressor because of the lower operating capacity and fewer cycles. Not only will an inverter AC save you money by lasting longer than traditional ACs, you’ll have fewer repair problems as well. 

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