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Dayco’s Guide to Inverter Air Conditioning

Dayco’s Guide to Inverter Air Conditioning

August 22nd, 2022


Many, if not most, homeowners throughout Acworth and beyond use a central air conditioner for their whole-home cooling. There is a good reason for this–central AC systems have been around a long time and their technology has come a long way. Heat pumps and ductless systems are increasing in popularity and they’re great too, but an inverter air conditioner can be the perfect choice for your specific home.

As time as passed central air conditioning technology has grown, and now we have the inverter air conditioner. An inverter AC system is a central AC system that has the unique ability that will help you save energy and money. Read on to learn more about these systems!

What Is Inverter Air Conditioning?

An inverter air conditioner is a central air conditioner that can slow itself down. Curious? Read on…

A typical central air conditioner only runs at 100%, with the fan going at full speed until the desired temperature setting is reached, and then it shuts off. It’s akin to keeping your foot on a gas pedal right until you have to slam on the brakes when you approach a red light…. it does the job but not effectively!

In contrast, an inverter drive air conditioner can actually slow down its own motor as your home reaches the desired temperature on your thermostat. This is also known as “variable fan speed” and is similar to coasting your car as you slowly take your foot off the gas. It enables the air conditioner to provide as much cooling as is needed for the room, making it more efficient without losing any effectiveness.

How Is It Installed?

Similar to a standard central air conditioner, the installation of an inverter drive air conditioner requires trained and experienced professionals such as our team. We properly size the system to make sure it’s matched for home. An overpowered air conditioner can be just as detrimental to your comfort and AC efficiency as an underpowered air conditioner.

Inverter AC Efficiency Benefits

There are a number of advantages of using an inverter air conditioner over a standard central air conditioner, such as:

Improved Energy Efficiency and Lower Bills

As you’ve probably surmised by now, inverter air conditioners are able to use a lot less energy to get your home cooled. Since they don’t have to run at 100% at all times, they use smaller levels of energy depending on the needs of your home.

Better for the Environment

An AC system that uses less energy is also one that’s better for the ecosystem. Less energy use means fewer resources used up to create the energy.

Improved Overall Comfort

Last but certainly not least, a variable speed inverter drive air conditioner is going to improve your overall home comfort. It won’t make things too cold before shutting off, but will adjust according to the temperature in the room, making your indoor environment more ideal.

When you’re ready to install inverter air conditioning in Acworth, GA look no further than Dayco Systems. Contact us today!