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How Do I Know If I Need a Dehumidifier for My Home?

How Do I Know If I Need a Dehumidifier for My Home?

April 24th, 2023


Well, do you feel sweaty, damp, and miserable during summer days in your home? Then you probably need a dehumidifier.

That’s a bit of a simple answer, we admit. And if you already felt that muggy in your house, then a dehumidifier already popped into your mind. However, there’s more to explain when it comes to dehumidifier service in Alpharetta, GA, as we’ll explain below in more detail.

Doesn’t the AC Take Care of This?

You may think that, even if you feel too humid indoors, you’ve got an AC and that will handle dehumidifying the air.

Except that it doesn’t. Air conditioning systems do remove some humidity from the air that circulates through them; it’s a side-effect of the cooling process. However, this isn’t enough to make any significant difference in your indoor humidity levels, especially in the humid weather of Georgia. If your household is dealing with extra discomfort because of high humidity, we recommend you invest in a whole-house dehumidifier. Not only will you feel more comfortable, you’ll also run the air conditioning system less because you’ll feel about 8° cooler thanks to the balanced humidity.

Other Signs to Watch For

Muggy air and discomfort aren’t the only warnings that you need a whole-house dehumidifier. There are other signs to watch for:

  • Condensation on inside of windows and other surfaces: If you see moisture on the inside of your windows, or water forming on other surfaces where it shouldn’t be, your house has too much moisture trapped inside it.
  • Mold and mildew growth: One of the major negative effects of high humidity in a home is that it makes it easier for mold and mildew to develop. Both can cause damage to your house and may also lower indoor air quality. When you see mold and mildew, it’s definitely time to look into high moisture levels in the house.
  • Towels and other items don’t dry well: Do you find that your wet towels and any other items you may hang up to dry in your house just aren’t, well, getting dry? Moisture moves fastest from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration, so humid air slows down drying. 

Dehumidifier Installation Is Simple

You just have to call us! A whole-house dehumidifier is a device that we’ll integrate into your existing HVAC system so it works in conjunction with the air conditioner. (Otherwise, the air might end up becoming too dry.) A whole-house dehumidifier will balance the moisture levels of the air circulating through your house. 

Don’t Forget Dehumidifier Maintenance

If you already have a whole-house dehumidifier, then we’re glad we caught you. We have an important reminder: your dehumidifier needs maintenance before the start of the summer weather. It’s not difficult to have this done—you can make it part of your regular air conditioning maintenance. Call our technicians to arrange for your AC maintenance and tell us that you’d also like your dehumidifier inspected and tuned-up. We’re happy to help you enjoy the best comfort each summer. 

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