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Dayco’s Guide to Duct Sealing

Dayco’s Guide to Duct Sealing

November 14th, 2022


Since homeowners rarely think about their ductwork because it’s mostly hidden from sight, they often allow damaged ductwork to go without repairs—or at least until something disastrous happens to their HVAC system that they can’t ignore. Timely repairs for ducts, such as sealing air leaks, make a huge difference in heating and cooling performance, improving both comfort and energy efficiency.

In this post, we’re going to look in more depth at duct sealing so you’ll know why you may need it and its benefits.

Duct Sealing Is an Important Task

A few holes in ductwork may not sound like a major problem. But consider the job the ducts do in your house: they transport heated and cooled air blown into them to the various rooms. To do this effectively, the ductwork must have an airtight seal along its length, or else it will lose air pressure. So when you think that one little leak won’t make a difference, consider what one little leak in a car tire does! Duct sealing locates all those leaks (where there’s one, there’s often more) and seals them up to restore the airtightness of the ductwork and get the HVAC system back to full functionality.

How Duct Sealing Benefits You

Having your ducts sealed takes care of several different problems. Here’s how having your leaky air ducts professionally sealed will benefit you:

  • It reduces extreme energy waste. Up to 30% of the air moving through the ventilation system can be lost through these leaks, escaping to places like the attic and in between walls. Do you want to pay money to heat and cool your attic and walls? That’s what happens when ducts have leaks.
  • Duct sealing improves the performance of the HVAC system because it allows it to retain air pressure and get conditioned air to all of the rooms. Leaks will often create hot and cold spots around a house because less air is getting to the room vents. 
  • Leaks in the ducts can allow dust, mold spores, and other contaminants to get into the ventilation system and then into your house. Sealing the ducts stops these unwanted intrusions into the air your household breathes.

How Professionals Seal Ducts

If you’ve started to think you can maybe do the job of duct sealing on your own with a roll of duct tape, we’re glad we can stop you! Not only is it too difficult for you to access most of the ducts yourself, but duct tape isn’t effective at sealing ducts. (Yes, the name is deceptive. We wish it were called something else.) 

For this job, you’ll need HVAC professionals like us. What we do is first pressurize the ventilation system and measure how rapidly it loses that pressure. This not only tells us how bad the problem in the ducts is, it also helps us locate the leaks. When we know where the leaks are, we use special mastic sealant and metallic tapes to permanently seal them. Afterwards, we pressurize the ventilation system again to ensure that the airtight seal has been restored.

For professional duct sealing in Acworth, GAand the surrounding areas, contact Dayco Systems today!