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4 Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

4 Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

September 4th, 2023

"Smart" technology is all around us today, and one of the most beneficial ways you can put it to use in your home is to have a smart thermostat installed. If you still have a standard digital thermostat, or even an old slider-and-dial manual thermostat, the change to a smart model will make a major difference in how you heat and cool your house. It's also perfect for when children start going back to school as we'll explain below when we look at four major benefits of getting one of these thermostats.

You can't install a smart thermostat on your own, however: you need professionals to first help you find the right model to match your HVAC system and then successfully connect it. We handle smart thermostat services in Woodstock, GA and throughout the Metro Atlanta Area, so reach out to us when you're ready to upgrade to the best in climate controls.

1. Energy Savings

Upgrading to any newer type of thermostat will help you save energy, but a smart thermostat truly takes this to the next level with its cutting edge technology. With a standard programmable thermostat, there's always some amount of energy waste because you can't constantly monitor conditions in the house, only guess about when to have the heating and cooling system come on. A smart thermostat makes continually adjustments based on your habits and occupancy patterns, which lowers your energy bills. This is one reason it's great for back-to-school when the house is often empty: the smart thermostat learns when you or the children get back home and will prepare for it.

2. Remote Accessibility and Control

Smart thermostats come equipped with remote access. You can make adjustments to the thermostat or monitor conditions in your house from anywhere thanks to the thermostat's Wi-Fi capabilities. You'll be able to remote access and adjust the settings using mobile device apps or through a web browser. This isn't just helpful for when you're away from home, it makes it easier inside the home since you can control the thermostat while you're just sitting on the couch.

3. Adaptive Learning for Personalized Comfort

At the heart of "smart" technology is the thermostat's ability to adapt and learn based on your own behavior and history of settings. The thermostat analyzes criteria such as preferred temperature settings, indoor conditions, your daily routines, and even the weather to generate customized programs for indoor comfort. You won't need to worry about adjusting the temperature because the thermostat is constantly on the job. It's convenient, more comfortable, and contributes to saving energy.

4. Integration with Smart Home Ecosystem

A smart thermostat doesn't have to be the end of your adventure into smart technology: it can integrate with other smart devices in your house to create a true smart home ecosystem. For example, you can use voice commands to make thermostat adjustments, or you can have the thermostat automatically communicate with smart blinds to shut them at the right times to prevent extra radiant heat from entering.

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