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It’s Time to Schedule Heating Maintenance Again

It’s Time to Schedule Heating Maintenance Again

September 11th, 2023

And when we say again, it's with the hope that you're already in the habit of scheduling heating maintenance during the start of fall, each and every fall! If this describes you, then you don't need to read the rest of this post because you already understand the importance of this service. Just jump right to our maintenance page and reach out to us to get a convenient appointment. (It always pays to book early!)

If you haven't remembered to schedule annual heating maintenance or didn't know it was important, we won't scold you: plenty of people are unaware of how vital this service is. We'll explain why every HVAC contractor and the US Department of Energy recommends annual maintenance tune-ups and inspections for heating systems.

Ensure safest operation

Safety is always priority #1 when it comes to heating systems. Most homes in Atlanta use natural gas furnaces for heating, and any gas appliance must have routine inspections to make sure it operates safely. We want to stress that gas furnaces aren't inherently dangerous … provided they have annual maintenance. Keep your family warm and safe and always stay current with fall heating maintenance.

Save on energy bills

You spend plenty on your heating bills during the winter. You don't want to spend any more than you have to, but neglecting maintenance for your heating system will cause your bills to increase each year and the heater suffers from extra wear and tear and premature aging. Maintenance keeps those bills under control.

Reduce repairs

One of the best tricks of regular maintenance is that it eliminates more than half of the repairs a heater would otherwise need. It just makes them vanish. That's great because 1) you won't have to deal with interruptions to your home comfort, and 2) you'll save money on all those repairs you won't need to schedule.

Increase equipment lifespan

What's the most expensive repair a heating system might need? Having to replace it years too early! Neglecting maintenance will result in a heater failing long before its estimated service life—in fact, lack of maintenance can even cut a heater's lifespan in half. To get the most out of your initial investment in your home heating system, make sure you have it inspected and tuned-up each fall.

Keep the warranty valid

If you can't show proof of regular maintenance for your central heater, you may invalidate the manufacturer's warranty. This can leave you stuck paying for repairs the warranty would've covered. With maintenance receipts to back you up, you'll have a valid warranty.

Join Our Metro Atlanta HVAC VIP Club Maintenance Plan

It's easy to keep up with heating maintenance in Acworth, GA while enjoying extra benefits: join our special Metro Atlanta HVAC VIP Club Maintenance Plan! You'll not only receive heating and cooling maintenance, you'll get these perks:

  • 50% off diagnostic fee
  • Free diagnostic fee with purchase of repair or service
  • No after hours fee
  • 20% discount on repairs, no annual cap
  • 10% off Indoor Air Quality Accessories
  • Standard 1″ filter replacement included
  • 24-Hour priority scheduling
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs

Dayco Systems has been Metro Atlanta's choice for more than three generations. Schedule your heating maintenance today.