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“How Long Should My Furnace Last?”

“How Long Should My Furnace Last?”

October 31st, 2022


Unless you sell your home before this time comes, eventually you’re going to need to invest in a furnace replacement. No matter how well-maintained your heating system is, it’s going to begin deteriorating from good ol’ wear and tear. Maintenance tune-ups can certainly help it reach as long of a service life as possible, but in time, you will have to make the choice that the furnace has reached the end of its lifespan and it’s time to make an upgrade.

But, when is the end of that lifespan… how do you know? These are the big questions, and they don’t necessarily have straightforward answers. Not all heating systems are alike–furnaces have different setups, different manufacturers, and work in different climates.

What we can do is give you a rough estimate, and then dive into the factors that play into these potential lifespans. Read on to learn more!

Your Furnace Can Last…

10-15 years if it’s a gas furnace and 15-20+ years if it’s an electric furnace. This is a very rough estimate, and you’ll likely hear variations on these estimates from different sources. But these are the general expected useful service life estimates of these systems.

Keep that phrase in mind too… useful service life. You see, your furnace may last for longer, in that it might still run, but ultimately you want it to run well. You want it to work as efficiently as possible and not suffer from wear and tear that could lead to repetitive breakdowns.

“But Wait, My Current Furnace Is Older Than That”

That may be the case. Furnace technology has come a long way, to make these systems safer and more efficient. With these changes, comes a shorter lifespace. An older, cast iron, furnace could potentially have a useful service life of up to 40 years!

If yours is this age or older, however, it’s probably a good idea for your safety and efficient comfort that you consider a replacement. No matter what type of furnace you upgrade to, we can guarantee that it will have better energy efficiency than your current heating system.

What Causes a Shortened Furnace Lifespan?

Skipping maintenance! Maintenance allows our technicians to thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust the components that need it. This reduces repair needs by as much as 85% because it helps us spot problems before they grow into breakdowns. This also helps your system retain up to 95% of its original efficiency rating, while without maintenance it can lose 5% of its original efficiency rating year after year.

As a direct result of reducing repairs and retaining efficiency, your heater will last longer.

It’s also important to note that no matter what kind of furnace you have, it will accumulate some wear and tear, and as a result, it will need repairs. When you’re alerted to repair needs, it’s best to have them scheduled ASAP. This will also help your heating system last as long as possible.

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