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Dayco’s Heating Maintenance Checklist

Dayco’s Heating Maintenance Checklist

October 24th, 2022


Fall is progressing right along, and soon enough temperatures will cool down enough to start using our heating systems. Sure, we may use them briefly, but that doesn’t mean you want to spend a lot when you need yours! In fact, with how much you use your air conditioner, it makes a lot of sense that you want to keep your heating bills as low as possible.

To ensure this is the case, the time to schedule heating maintenance is now if you haven’t already. Read on to learn more about why this is such an important service, and why now is the time to have it done, and the checklist of what happens during maintenance.

Yes, You Do Need Maintenance Services

Sure, it’s always possible that your heating system can make it through the rest of fall and winter without any efficiency problems, but that’s not a chance you should take–especially if you have an older furnace. After just a few years, a furnace or heat pump system starts accumulating wear and tear issues. These issues can absolutely impact efficiency, but maintenance helps the system retain up to 95% of its original efficiency system.

What If Your Heater Is New?

If you’ve only had your heater for less than a year, and as long as it was professionally installed, no, you don’t really need to schedule professional maintenance services. But for anything older than that, you definitely want to call us for professional maintenance.

Why Is Now the Best Time to Schedule This Service?

We typically recommend that our customers have maintenance done at the beginning of fall because it’s before you need your system the most. It’s also when HVAC technicians are the least likely to be busy with emergency repair calls.


So what do we actually do during maintenance? We:

Clean the System

A clean furnace operates more efficiently, powerfully, and safely. As the furnace operates each winter, and then as it sits unused during the warmer months, it can accumulate dirt, dust, and other debris that can coat important components such as the heat exchanger. This makes it harder for the furnace to operate as it should!

Inspect the System

This is the most important part of maintenance, especially when we’re talking about a gas-powered furnace. That’s not to say that gas-powered systems are inherently dangerous–but when they’re not cared for properly, they can become so.

If we find that wear and tear has led to the degradation of a component we will let you know right away so you can get repairs on your schedule ASAP.

We’ll also check your thermostat and cutwork to ensure that every part of your system is working as it should.

Make Necessary Adjustments

Whether it’s a loose cabinet door or a motor bearing that needs to be lubricated, there are some things we can adjust that will help your heating system work as efficiently and powerfully as possible. Even the most seemingly minor problem can lead to efficiency issues!

Reach out to Dayco Systems today to schedule your heating maintenance in Acworth, GA!