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Heat Pump Maintenance 101: Tips for Long-term Performance

Heat Pump Maintenance 101: Tips for Long-term Performance

July 10th, 2023


The summer heat has definitely arrived, and if your heat pump wasn’t operating yet in cooling mode, it is now! You’ll rely on your heat pump to keep you and your family comfortable for the next few months, so you want to be certain that it’s operating in prime shape and has a low chance of breaking down on you or turning into a massive energy-waster. 

We have maintenance tips for you that will help your heat pump have an easy summer—as well as many more summers. You can always call us for any heat pump service in Roswell, GA you need, including emergency repairs.

Schedule professional maintenance (if you haven’t already)

This is the most important step: your heat pump must have maintenance to prepare it for the rigors of summer. It’s always best to have this job done in spring, but if you haven’t scheduled it, it’s certainly not too late. Professional maintenance gives your air conditioning a thorough tune-up that lubricates moving parts, cleans others, tightens electrical connections, and generally makes sure it works its best. Technicians also look for potential repair problems so they can address them early.

If you had your heat pump maintained in fall to get ready for winter, you still need maintenance now: a heat pump works around the year, so it requires twice the amount of maintenance as an AC or a furnace.

Regularly change the blower filters

The blower filter is the filter that prevents dust and debris from coming through the return air ducts and contaminating the inside of the HVAC system. This blower will get clogged after one to three months, and unless it’s changed, it will place extra strain on the heat pump and create numerous problems. Technicians can show you how to change this filter during your maintenance appointment, but you’ll have to do the job yourself for the rest of the season.

Clean the room vents

Use a duster or a cleaning spray to clean off the covers of all the room vents. These vents often pick up lint and dust over the year, which makes the heat pump’s job harder and blows around more contaminants in your air. 

Clean and clear the outdoor condenser

The condenser is the outside cabinet of the heat pump system, where it expels heat when in cooling mode. The compressor needs to have no obstructions around it or else it will cause the heat pump to lose energy efficiency. We recommend that you make sure all plants and bushes are trimmed so they aren’t too near the compressor and clear an area for about a foot on all sides of the cabinet. You can also wash off the compressor if it’s dirty: use a hose on low pressure. A cleaner condenser will help the heat pump work better.

Call for repairs promptly

If you do notice anything wrong with your heat pump, such as strange noises, low airflow from the vents, uneven cooling, or getting stuck in heating mode, don’t delay to call professionals to look into it. You can take a few troubleshooting steps to see if there’s something simple behind the trouble. After that, don’t attempt to make any repairs on your own: reach out to our team and we’ll take care of everything. 

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