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Yes, You Need Professional Maintenance for Your Commercial HVAC Systems!

Yes, You Need Professional Maintenance for Your Commercial HVAC Systems!

March 21st, 2022


When it comes to a residential air conditioning or heating system, professional services are important. You have the comfort and safety of your family to think about, after all. Well, if you own or operate a commercial space, then hiring a professional for your HVAC needs is even more vital.

Commercial air conditioning systems and heaters are extremely complex pieces of equipment, and maintaining them means keeping everyone in your commercial space comfortable, safe, and healthy. This may include employees, tenants, customers, and more.

Maintenance should be done once a year on both your heater and air conditioner–so, twice a year on year-round heat pump systems. Trusting this service to your building’s general handyman could leave you with more trouble than benefits. Read on to learn the advantages of trusting a professional for your commercial HVAC maintenance!

Increased Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency refers to how much energy your commercial HVAC systems consume in order to do their job. There are many factors that impact energy efficiency–proper sizing of your HVAC installations, what type of HVAC systems you have, their fuel source (gas versus electric), and… you guessed it… how often they’re maintained.

For every year your commercial HVAC systems go without maintenance, they lose about 5% of their efficiency rating. On the contrary, with maintenance, these systems can retain about 95% of their original efficiency rating. When commercial HVAC systems work more efficiently, they cost you less to run… and if there is anything we know about being business owners ourselves, cutting down overhead costs is always ideal.

Decreased Need for Repairs

During commercial HVAC maintenance, our technicians thoroughly inspect each and every component of the system. During this inspection, we look for common signs of wear and tear, and from there we can make appropriate adjustments or recommendations for repairs. This allows us to catch small issues before they turn into much bigger ones.

For example, let’s say that the blower motor of one of your commercial air conditioners is losing it’s lubrication on the motor bearings. If we catch this early enough, we can simply lubricate those bearings, and you’re off to the races. If this is missed because of lack of maintenance, however, then your motor can create too much friction, overheat, and shut down the AC unit as a result.

Better Air Quality

Your commercial HVAC systems do more than simply just cool and heat your commercial space. They improve overall indoor air quality. When they’re not working as they should though–whether due to wear and tear, dirty ductwork, or the like, then they can contribute to poor indoor air quality instead. Maintenance helps you avoid this.

Peace of Mind

The last thing any commercial property owner or business manager needs in the middle of a hot summer day is an air conditioning unit that breaks down unexpectedly, causing customer complaints or a huge business interruption.

Having a commercial maintenance plan allows you the peace of mind that your systems will be kept in good shape every year, throughout the years.

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