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Dayco’s Guide to Commercial Heating

Dayco’s Guide to Commercial Heating

December 26th, 2022


Running a business takes an immense amount of work and requires knowledge in several fields. But, unless you run an HVAC business, we’d wager that one field you don’t have extensive experience with is, well, HVAC. 

We handle commercial heating in Roswell, GA and we often hear the same questions from our clients about their commercial heating systems. We’re going to look at some of these questions here to give you a basic primer on your commercial heating. This will help you know when you need assistance from our professionals as well as what to look out for from your equipment.

How long do commercial heating systems last?

We can answer this with a broad “It depends,” because there is a wide range of different types of commercial heating systems. External factors also affect the lifespan of heating systems, such as the climate and how often the equipment receives professional maintenance. As a helpful generalization, a well-maintained commercial heating system will last from 15 to 20 years.

How often do I need maintenance?

Maintenance is essential for ensuring your commercial heaters not only last for as long as possible but remain at high energy efficiency for most of their service lives. At the minimum, schedule commercial heating maintenance once a year in the fall, which will best prep the equipment for the coming winter. However, some facilities may need more frequent heating maintenance. You can consult with our professionals to determine the best schedule for maintaining both your heating and cooling equipment.

Is it worth it to replace older equipment with high-efficiency systems?

Yes, especially if your current equipment is already approaching the upper end of its service life estimate. High-efficiency furnaces and packaged rooftop units are more expensive initially to install, but the amount of money they will end up saving you over their service lives is significant. High-efficiency systems for commercial facilities almost always provide a good return on investment. You can sometimes receive state and federal rebates for installing high-efficiency equipment, making it even more attractive.

How often do I need to change HVAC filters?

If you have access to the air filters for your business’s HVAC system, you’ll need to change them regularly (although technicians will also change them during maintenance). We recommend making a monthly check on the filters to see if they’ve become clogged up with debris. Most filters will need changing between 1–3 months. However, if your facility has a higher number of particulates in the air (such as in a factory), we recommend checking the filter more frequently.

Is it true that most commercial thermostats don’t do anything?

These are known as “placebo buttons,” a bit of trickery that dates back to the 1960s. These dummy thermostats didn’t affect the indoor temperature, and some even created a white noise to mimic a fan and make people think they had changed the temperature. Although there’s some anecdotal evidence that placebo buttons are still around in commercial settings, modern commercial thermostats do work. We offer excellent modern commercial thermostats that can improve the overall HVAC performance.

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