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Understanding Equipment Availability and Pricing

Understanding Equipment Availability and Pricing

November 22nd, 2022


With the SEER2 update as well as the Inflation Reduction Act, there will soon be changes, which will impact the price and availability of HVAC equipment. We will have more information on this later, as part of our commitment to serving the homeowners throughout Acworth and beyond. In the meantime, we want to address common questions we get about equipment availability and pricing.

Q: Why is the Price So High Compared to Other Trane Dealers?

Some dealers may not be keeping up with the price increases that all home services companies are dealing with due to the effects of COVID-19 and subsequent supply chain issues. The prices you pay at Dayco afford you service from highly qualified and experienced professionals whose installations and service will help your air conditioning and heating equipment work as efficiently and effectively possible, for as long as possible.

Q: Will I Get a Better Price in the Winter?

We usually run rebates through the manufacturer on full systems in the Fall/Winter. Keep an eye on our promos page!

Q: How Much Will I Save Upgrading My System?

Upgrading your system saves you money in multiple ways:

  • Upgraded systems are designed and tested to use less energy to do the same amount of work.
  • Lower SEER systems are old technology and are being phased out by the Department of Energy, making them difficult or impossible to service.
  • Waiting to replace old equipment costs you money by current high inflation rates and price hikes.

Q: What Financing Options Are Available?

We are happy to offer financing options to our customers through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. and GreenSky with approved credit. The application can be completed online.

Q: I Purchased My Own Equipment; Can Dayco Install It for Me?

No, Dayco will only install equipment provided by Dayco Systems. Never use subcontractors, Our Lead Installers all have at least 2 years’ experience at Dayco which equates to hundreds of installations, and most are veterans with decades of experience. All old equipment is removed and recycled by Dayco Systems.

Q: I Am Building a House; Can I Get My Heating and Cooling from Dayco?

Unfortunately, right now Dayco cannot provide equipment or installation for new construction.

ContactDayco Systems for reliable and quality HVAC installations, replacements, and much more!