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Tips to Pay Less Using Your AC This Summer

Tips to Pay Less Using Your AC This Summer

June 12th, 2023


It’s almost officially summer and the temperatures are climbing. Your home’s air conditioning system will turn on, and along with cool comfort, you’ll also get… higher electric bills.

There’s no way to avoid an increase in electric costs if you use an AC. However, this doesn’t mean you need to pay quite so much. We’re experts when it comes to air conditioning in Roswell, GA, and we’d like to offer you some great money-saving tips.

Always have the AC professionally maintained

We can’t stress this enough: an air conditioning system must have a professional maintenance tune-up and inspection each year, and it’s best to have it done before summer. If you haven’t scheduled this yet with our team, please do so soon. It’s the best way to prevent the air conditioner from declining and costing more to run each year. There are many other benefits as well, so make sure you check this off your “to-do” list.

Aim for energy-saving thermostat settings

We know that on super hot days in Georgia, it’s tempting to slam the thermostat down low so you can cool off faster. But thermostats and ACs don’t work that way: the thermostat is only a switch that turns the AC on and off when it reaches the desired temperature. You can save money with a higher setting so the air conditioner will run less. We recommend a daytime setting (when people are home) of 78°F, and raising it by 8–10°F at night or when the house is empty. You could save from 2%–20% this way.

Regularly change the HVAC air filter

The air filter on the HVAC cabinet (also called the blower filter) will become clogged with dust and debris after 1 to 3 months. A dirty filter will force the air conditioner to work harder as it won’t have the same volume of air to cool; it also strains the blower fan. Set a regular schedule to change the filter so you won’t lower the AC’s efficiency. A clogged filter can cause many other problems, so this is one of the best habits you can get into with your AC.

Use “fan only” or “fan circulate” mode

It pays to know the specific settings on your thermostat that can help with energy saving. “Fan only” mode can help the house stay cool and keep air moving without the expense of running the compressor. Some thermostats have a “fan circulate” mode which will turn the fan on periodically to help with air circulation and then shut off. This is an even better energy-saving option.

Upgrade old AC equipment

This is admittedly a costly operation, but the long-term savings are worth it if you have outdated energy-gobbling HVAC equipment. If your AC is more than 15 years old, it’s likely costing you too much to run. That money you pay to keep an ancient AC going should instead go to purchasing a new system, such as a special high-efficiency unit that will cost less to run than your current air conditioner did even when it was new. 

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