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The Dangers and Risks of DIY AC Repairs

The Dangers and Risks of DIY AC Repairs

July 24th, 2023

We know that when the summer heat is scorching, an emergency problem with your air conditioner can make you feel desperate. You may want to get the AC working again so bad that you try to see if you can fix the unit on your own. (No, hitting the side of the cabinet won’t do anything!) Or you may be in a situation where you think you can handle an AC malfunction on your own and perhaps save a few dollars.

Believe us, aside from basic troubleshooting steps (such as changing the air filter, checking the thermostat), you can’t make repairs to your air conditioning system on your own. This requires the work of professionals. You can find some of the best people for AC repair in Alpharetta, GA when you call Dayco Systems.

Why shouldn’t you try DIY air conditioning repair? We’re glad you asked. Below are some of the dangers of trying to repair an air conditioning system yourself.

Electrical Hazards

Repairing an air conditioner isn’t as risky as repairing a gas furnace, but poor repairs to an AC can create dangers. Air conditioners are powerful electrical systems, and if you don’t have the proper knowledge of working with electrical components you risk electrocuting yourself or suffering another serious injury. Poorly done AC repairs can also turn into fire hazards in the future. It’s much better to leave the work to trained professionals.

Mishandled Refrigerant

Many AC repairs require working with the refrigerant in the system. Only people with special certification can handle these chemical refrigerants, so please don’t attempt to do anything with the AC’s refrigerant on your own. Chemical refrigerants can be toxic and dangerous if handled incorrectly; they’re also potentially harmful to the environment. These are among the many reasons to make sure that any HVAC technician you hire has proper licensing and certification.

A More Broken AC

Modern air conditioning systems are not simple mechanical devices. They’re highly complex and built to demanding specifications. It’s extremely unlikely for anyone without training to successfully repair an air conditioner on their own without causing further damage. There’s a high chance that if you attempt to repair your air conditioner yourself, you’ll end up making things worse. You’ll have a more expensive repair when you could have had a less expensive one if professionals did the work first.

Voided Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty on an air conditioning system covers parts and replacements for a specific period of time. However, any amateur repair attempt can void the warranty. If you void the warranty on your air conditioner, you may end up paying a high cost for repairs and even a replacement that would otherwise have been covered. Stay safe and leave any repairs to pros!

Overall, you’ll save money when you go to certified HVAC technicians for AC repair. You’ll save time as well and have your cool house quickly returned to you. 

Dayco Systems has been Metro Atlanta’s choice for more than three generations. Call us for AC repairs so you don’t need to risk DIY work.