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How do I Troubleshoot my Central AC System?

How do I Troubleshoot my Central AC System?

August 9th, 2021


This is the time of year that you truly cannot afford to have a malfunctioning air conditioner. With the way heat and humidity treat us in the summertime, it’s almost a crime to not have a functional cooling system!

So when something goes wrong, you of course want to get it fixed right away. While we don’t ever recommend DIY repairs or AC maintenance–these jobs should always be left to the trained professionals, we do have some DIY troubleshooting tips to share with you, which include:

  • Checking Your Air Filter
  • Checking Your Thermostat
  • Checking the HVAC Circuit Breaker
  • Checking the Outdoor Unit
  • Checking Your Air Vents

Read on as we go through these one-by-one and explain to you what to look for and how to get your air conditioner back on track. If these tips don’t get your air conditioner running again, it’s time to call our team for quality AC repair in Woodstock, GA!

Check Your Air Filter

What many homeowners don’t realize about their HVAC air filter is that it’s not there to protect their indoor air quality, but rather to protect the interior components of their air conditioner. If it gets too clogged up, it restricts airflow, which can lead to decreased comfort and cause your air conditioner to run longer to try to achieve the desired temperature on your thermostat.

As a result, you may notice decreased cooling power, low airflow from the vents, and even ice development on the evaporator coil.

Check Your Thermostat

Are you not getting enough cooling coming out of your vents? Check the thermostat! It could be possible that someone in your family had different cooling preferences and set it to a different temperature. Another possibility is that the thermostat was accidentally set to “fan-only” mode. Make sure it’s on cooling mode and see if that improves the problem.

Check the Circuit Breaker

Your HVAC systems have their own dedicated circuit breaker. When you’re using a lot of energy, as an air conditioner does, it can overload and trip this circuit breaker, which means you may need to reset it. Try doing that and see if that resolves the issue you’re having.

If this happens once or twice this summer, it’s probably nothing to be too concerned about. However, if you’re continually resetting any circuit breakers, this could mean you need an electrical panel upgrade or some appliances need to be redistributed in your home. Be sure to get in touch with our professionals, we can help!

Check the Outdoor Unit

Are you having an AC airflow problem? It could be that the outdoor unit is covered in or surrounded by debris such as leaves, twigs, lawn mulch, etc. Be sure to go out and check for this, and remove any debris you can. The outdoor unit should be clear by 2 feet on each side.

Check the Air Vents

Just like an obstructed outdoor unit can contribute to low airflow, so too can obstructed air vents. Be sure they’re clean and that no furniture is placed in front of them for proper airflow.

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