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Ductless AC vs Window Unit – Which is Better?

Ductless AC vs Window Unit – Which is Better?

April 12th, 2021


Perhaps for years now, you’ve been “getting by” with window AC units in each room of your home.  But what if you could do much more than just “get by”? You should be able to enjoy comfort in your home as affordably and effectively as possible, and that’s not always possible with a window unit.

More and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of going ductless—not only for their cooling needs but even their heating needs too. The real question, though, is ductless right for your specific home and needs? Or is sticking with window units the better option for you? Read on as we uncover the pros and cons of each option.

The Window AC Option

One of the biggest “pros” of a window AC is its affordability! Compared to ductless systems and other types of central HVAC systems, the window AC is inexpensive and easier to buy. It’s also very easy to install—in fact a window AC unit doesn’t really take much “installation” at all. This is actually the one installation we approve of homeowners doing on their own. So, what are the downsides?

  • They Can Be Noisy: It’s true that you can pay more for a window air conditioner that will make less noise, but overall, window units are pretty noisy types of air conditioners. This is especially true when the unit is going through a dehumidifying cycle.
  • They Can Decrease Home Security: Unfortunately, window units don’t allow you to lock your window. There are certainly ways that you can jerry rig a situation, but this doesn’t exactly give you a peace of mind, right? Window units are very noticeable from the outside, and can make a home an easy target if your window units are on the first story of your living space.
  • They Can Reduce Natural Light: Depending on the size of your window unit and the associated ductwork, you could be taking up a lot of natural light by installing the system. While on one hand this could actually be a good thing—you don’t have to worry as much about radiant heat—if you have a naturally dark room you might not enjoy this.
  • They’re Not Always Attractive: Manufacturers of any type of air conditioner are going to focus more on efficiency and efficacy than they are aesthetics. This is fine for a unit that’s kept outdoors or for an indoor unit in your garage where you don’t see it much. But when it’s a focal part of your home, that may not be ideal.

The Ductless AC Option

Ductless air conditioners are certainly more expensive to install than window units. And you have to have a professional do the job if you want it to operate as it should. While you don’t need ductwork, the individual air handlers of a ductless system must be carefully placed to ensure they function well. But they have a number of “pros”, including:

  • They Are Versatile: Ductless systems aren’t just air conditioners—they’re heaters too! So that means you can use them year round and don’t have to rely on a window AC that you swap out for a space heater in the fall and winter.
  • They Allow for Zoning: Each ductless outdoor unit can be connected to up to 4 indoor units. Each of these units can be independently controlled of each other, meaning you can personalize comfort for every room in your home.
  • They Are Quiet: There’s no air conditioner that will be 100% silent. However, without ductwork involved, ductless systems are far quieter than the window AC counterpart.
  • They Are Efficient: Due to the fact that you can individualize cooling and heating and the fact that they don’t generate heat in the heating season but transfer heat, they work very affordably over the years.

There are, of course, many things to consider when shopping for an air conditioner. The budget, for example, is a big one. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to see what’s best for your specific home.

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