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Does Homeowner Insurance Cover AC Repair?

Does Homeowner Insurance Cover AC Repair?

March 15th, 2021


Homeownership is the epitome of the American Dream. But, it doesn’t mean things always go smoothly. There are frustrations that many homeowners throughout Woodstock and beyond have to deal with, whether it be plumbing leaks, power outages, or broken appliances—like the HVAC system.

A broken down air conditioner, or malfunctioning AC system, can be panic-inducing. But what if we told you that you might not have to pay out-of-pocket for your repair costs? In fact, what if we told you that you’ve already been paying for the next repair you need, through your homeowner insurance?

It’s true! In some cases, your homeowner insurance does in fact cover air conditioning repair. Read on as we uncover when this is the case, and when it isn’t.

When Your Homeowner Insurance Policy May Cover AC Damage

Depending on your homeowner insurance company and the policy that you sign up for, your homeowner insurance may cover instances of:

  • Hail Damage: This is a pretty common covered cause of damage for most homeowner insurance policies. Your dwelling coverage policy might help pay to repair or even replace a built-in appliance such as your central AC system if it’s damaged by hail. Keep in mind that while this applies to a central air conditioner’s outside unit, it probably will not apply to a window unit.
  • A Tree Fall: Most standard homeowner insurance policies do cover damage to your AC from falling objects such as a fallen tree. This is a case where a window unit may be covered as well.

The best thing you can do for peace of mind and to be a well-informed homeowner is to contact your homeowner insurance company and ask what your coverage entails in relation to HVAC repairs.

When Your Homeowner Insurance Policy May Not Cover AC Damage

Some AC repairs are inevitable. For instance, the motor bearings inside your air conditioner eventually wear down and require lubrication. This is a standard job for most HVAC professionals and one that is not typically covered by your insurance.

Another case is if your air conditioner breaks down due to old age. Wear and tear are unavoidable in any type of large appliance. Depending on the manufacturer and the type of equipment, your air conditioner is designed to last about 10-15 years. Beyond that point, it is typically best to replace vs. repair. You’ll typically find that this is the best choice, financially speaking.

Why You Want to Hire a Professional

Professional HVAC contractors, like ourselves, are properly licensed and insured to perform any type of HVAC system repair. Not only will homeowner insurance policies likely not cover the costs of amateur repairs—as these are typically awarded in reimbursement fashion—but you can also void out the manufacturer warranty if you forgo a professionally trained and licensed HVAC professional for an amateur or a “do-it-yourselfer.”

When you are in need of quality AC repair in Woodstock, GA, look no further than Dayco Systems. Contact us today!