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AC Tips for One of the Hottest Months of the Year!

AC Tips for One of the Hottest Months of the Year!

July 27th, 2020


August is almost upon us, and anyone who has lived here for at least a year can tell you this month is one of the hottest, right? Our air conditioners go through a lot of work, and it’s hard on the equipment! Energy bills rise and it can convince even the most extravagant homeowners to tighten up their belts a bit.

But does this mean you shouldn’t use your air conditioner? Absolutely not!

It just means that you might want to take some steps to ensure that you’re using your cooling system as efficiently as possible. The good news is, this is fairly easy to do. It doesn’t require much effort from you at all. Read on to learn what these efficiency tips are.

Increase the Temp on Your Thermostat

Well, this just seems like counterintuitive advice, doesn’t it? Hear us out, though.

We’re not asking you to turn up the heat! But the fact of the matter is, most people are comfortable with their indoor temperatures around 78°F but are actually running it more around 72°F in an attempt to cool down their homes faster. All this actually does is make the AC compressor run longer, and as a result, you’ll use your AC inefficiently.

You’ll save energy and money by raising the temp, especially if nobody is home at the time or if the household is sleeping. Don’t increase your energy bills by cooling a home you’re not using!

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Here’s the thing–ceiling fans cannot typically keep you cool all by themselves. This is particularly true on 80°+ days. Running a ceiling fan will just move the muggy air in your house around.

What ceiling fans are good for is circulating air and distributing air. When used in combination with your air conditioner, it helps you feel cooler. As a result, you can turn up the temperature a bit on the thermostat and therefore save energy.

Change the Air Filter

The air filter that comes standard with your air conditioner is in place to protect the interior components of your air conditioner itself from dirt, dust, and other debris. When the air filter gets too clogged up, airflow is restricted.

Your air conditioner has no hope of working as efficiently as its meant to when this occurs! This air filter should be changed out every 1-3 months, and it’s a fairly simple task to complete for homeowners. Of course, if you do have any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

Keep the AC Clean

Just like your air conditioner needs a clean air filter, the other components need to be clean and unobstructed as well. This means making sure there is no debris surrounding the outside unit, nor is there furniture or dust blocking the indoor vents.

Making sure there is nothing restricting airflow at any point in your cooling system is vital to ensuring its efficiency.

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