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AC Installation for Older Homes

AC Installation for Older Homes

July 31st, 2023


The modern central air conditioning system didn’t start to make its way into homes until the 1960s. Before then, homes had to use window AC units for cooling. Not until the 1970s did it become common practice to build homes specifically with space to allow for a central AC system.

If you live in a home built before 1970—and there are certainly plenty of these in Metro Atlanta—it may not have the basics necessary for a standard central air conditioning system. If you want an AC installation in Woodstock, GA for your vintage home, we can help you. Below, we’ll look at several considerations for older homes and air conditioning.

Should you stick with window ACs?

If your home had window air conditioning units as its sole source of cooling, is it worth it to make the switch to a different type of cooling system? The answer is a strong “yes.” Window ACs are limited, inconvenient, bulky, and they block sunlight and make a house less secure. We strongly recommend you look into other options to convert your house to a more efficient, effective, and attractive cooling option.

Adding ductwork

One choice you have for putting central air conditioning in your home is to add ductwork. This doesn’t have to be as arduous as it sounds. We can install an air conditioning system into the attic of your house and then palace the main duct to run through the attic space. Adding ducts in other parts of the house involve using closet space and other areas that are usually out of sight so we don’t have to make any radical changes to your vintage home.

Ductless mini split heat pumps

The most popular choice today for adding an AC to an older home is to install a ductless mini split system. These systems use an outdoor unit similar to the standard condenser of most central ACs. But instead of the outdoor unit connected to a single indoor refrigerant coil and blower unit that pushes air into ducts, the outdoor unit connects to a series of air handlers mounted on walls around the house. Each of the air handlers has its own refrigerant coil and blower so it can send cooled air directly into the space. The only modification necessary to your house is mounting the blowers on walls and connecting them through the wall to the outside.

Ductless systems have another benefit, which is that most of them are heat pumps, giving you heating and cooling in one unit. Ductless systems are flexible. The only drawback for some people is that they dislike the wall-mounted cartridges. But this is still the fastest and easiest way to create a full cooling system for a home lacking ductwork.

Upgrading ducts

If your older house does have ducts, such as for a furnace system or because a previous owner added them, you may need to have the ducts replaced or upgraded for a new central AC system. Modern ACs are higher efficiency and may not work well with older ducts. We can help you find out what’s necessary to bring your home up to date with current HVAC technologies.

Dayco Systems has been Metro Atlanta’s choice for more than three generations. Contact us today for help cooling your older home.