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4 Factors That Go Into AC Installation

4 Factors That Go Into AC Installation

June 20th, 2022


If you’re shopping for a new air conditioner this time of the year, there’s a good chance you have an urgent need for it. We’re glad you found this blog post! While we are going to highlight several of the most important factors that go into an air conditioner installation, we also want to stress how important it is that you not rush into this purchase. Doing so could leave you with an inefficient and potentially ineffective cooling system.

Instead, you should work with a qualified HVAC professional, like a member of our team, to get matched with the perfect air conditioning system for your specific home and needs. Read on to learn more and when you’re ready to schedule your AC installation, give us a call!

Size of the Home vs. Size of the AC

Believe it or not, when determining the size of your air conditioner, we look at many different aspects of your home. Yes, the actual square footage is one factor. But other factors include how many windows and doors your home has, the amount and state of your insulation, how many rooms the household has in addition to whether it’s a one-story or two-story, and how high the ceilings are in the home.

This is all done during our cooling load calculation, when we determine the “tonnage” of air conditioning that your living space needs. Air conditioning tonnage doesn’t refer to the wait of it, but how much power is needed per hour for the heat pulled from your home to melt a ton of ice.

If this sounds complicated, don’t worry! Our team has had years of training and is very knowledgeable. We can help ensure to set you up with the correctly sized air conditioner.

The Climate

The climate that your home is in will also affect the type of air conditioner installation that we’ll recommend. While all the air conditioners we offer can handle the heat and humidity of the Alpharetta area, we may have specific suggestions depending on factors that are unique to your home.

Features of the New System

Have you ever considered what kind of features you want your new air conditioner to have? For example, maybe you want a variable speed central air conditioner, also referred to as an inverter drive air conditioner.

This system operates on various fan speeds so on mild days you don’t have to run your air conditioner at “full blast,” therefore using the system more efficiently. This means you pay less for less energy consumption!

Another feature you might like is zoned cooling, which separates your home into different zones and can provide cooling at different power levels using dampers. Another form of “zoned” cooling (and heating) is a ductless system. This is a heat pump that doesn’t use ductwork, and instead has a refrigerant line running from an outdoor unit to up to 4 indoor air handlers. These air handlers can be wall-mounted, up and out of the way, and can be run at different temperatures for ultimate efficiency.

Not every choice is right for every home though! This is why it’s so important to work with a qualified professional with your purchase and installation.

How Your Current System Is Performing

Perhaps you have a central air conditioner, but you’ve never thought it worked as efficiently as it could. Sure, you could just get an upgraded version of the same system, and it might work great! We can help you determine the chances of this happening.

Alternatively, you may discover you want something more powerful, or that you want something like a heat pump or the ductless system we mentioned above. We’re happy to explore all your options with you!

To schedule your professional AC installation in Alpharetta, GA, look no further than Dayco Systems. Contact us today!