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2 Story House Air Conditioning Tips

2 Story House Air Conditioning Tips

July 19th, 2021

It makes sense, if you have a large home in the Roswell area, that you want to keep your home as cool as possible, and do so efficiently. After all, not only do we have the high heat to contend with but also the sweltering humidity. This makes for a really uncomfortable environment, without the right systems in place.

And even when you do have the right systems in place, you want to ensure you’re using them well. We mean, using them in a way that doesn’t waste energy and leaves you spending way more than you should. Read on for our AC tips for 2-story homes!

Tip 1: Upgrade Your Portable AC Units (and Don’t Use the Ones in Unoccupied Rooms)

Are you still using portable air conditioners in your home? You’ve probably found that you have to pay a lot to use them. Still though, they can be effective, at least until your budget allows for the installation of a central air conditioner. At that point, an upgrade is definitely worth it!

Let’s say you haven’t quite reached that point yet though. Is there a way you can use your portable systems more efficiently?

Why yes, there is! Do you have a guest room, or some other room that doesn’t get used every day? Close the door and don’t use that window or portable AC when nobody is in the room! This is a waste of energy.

Alternatively, if you don’t have much square footage in your home–let’s say you have a 500 sq. foot upstairs area, this is typically enough for one portable system to manage efficiently, depending on your home’s layout.

Tip 2: Get a Smart or Wi-Fi Thermostat

Even upgrading from a basic thermostat to a programmable one can make a load of difference in your energy use. The older manual thermostats are not accurate when it comes to temperature settings, which means you can end up forcing the air conditioner to run longer than you actually should need it to in order to cool your home.

Smart and Wi-Fi thermostats learn from your cooling and heating preferences, and adjust accordingly, allowing for efficient HVAC use.

Tip 3: Ventilate Your Attic

Heat rises! This means that naturally, if you have a 2-story home, heat is going to get trapped upstairs–unless it has somewhere to go.

At the very least, you should consider having your attic ventilated. Without ventilation, your roof’s temperature can triple what the outdoor temperature is, and with nowhere to go, that heat will just stay in your home, no matter how long you run your AC or how low you set the temperature.

Consider taking it up a notch and investing in an attic fan. This will help pull excess heat up and out of your home so that your air conditioner can do its job to the best of its ability, while lowering your cooling bills.

Tip 4: Invest in a Ductless Mini Split AC System

A ductless system is, as the name implies, a system that does not rely on ducts. But better than that is that its air handlers are independently controlled. This means that each member of your household can cool or heat their rooms to their own desires, and you can lower the temperature upstairs while keeping the downstairs temp a little higher, to save energy!

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