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High Efficiency 

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Years of Experience

The Value of working with an 
Elite Pearl Contractor

At Dayco Systems, we understand the importance of energy efficiency not only to your budget and home value but the positive impact we can have on our environment. In support of that effort, we have taken steps to ensure your home energy efficiency efforts are maximized. Keep reading to learn more!

Pearl Certification

Why Dayco Is Now Pearl Certified

We always want our customers to feel good about their choice to work with us and it is our hard work that has earned Dayco admittance to an elite network of nationally recognized HVAC dealers who are Pearl Certification experts.

Why Pearl Certification Is Important to You

Your home's high efficiency investment you entrust to Dayco can now be verified by a nationally recognized, third party. Beyond peace of mind, this certification lends itself to higher resale value when it is time to sell. With Pearl Certification, your upgrades are verified, recorded and easily referenced for tax purposes, energy incentives and real estate transactions.

Results Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

While you enjoy the comfort and money saving benefits of your high efficiency HVAC system, Pearl provides a Certification Report highlighting the added value of your investment and customized suggestions on enhancing your home efficiency.

If you decide to sell or refinance your home, Pearl has a certified network of real estate professionals who understand how to properly represent your high efficiency home for maximum value.