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Don’t Neglect These Potential Late-Season AC Repair Needs!

Don’t Neglect These Potential Late-Season AC Repair Needs!

October 19th, 2020


There is a lot going on in the country these days. There are various priorities for you to keep track of—keeping your family healthy and safe. You need to navigate the political landscape. You also need to be sure your air conditioner is in good shape.

Wait, was that last one not a priority of yours? It should be! The last thing you need next spring when you go to use your air conditioner again after the winter season is to be stuck with a malfunctioning or broken down air conditioner, after all. But that’s what can happen if you neglect repair needs. And unfortunately, this is the most common time of year for repair needs to crop up—after a long, hot summer of use.

Read on as we uncover some of the most common late-season AC repair needs we get called for.

Failed Capacitors

There are two types of capacitors in your air conditioner, and both of them are vital electrical components that are responsible for sending voltage to the motors. One capacitor is the start capacitor, responsible for starting your air conditioner. The other is the run capacitor, tasked with keeping the system running.

These capacitors are sensitive to high heat, and can lose their ability to hold an electric charge throughout the years. You may notice your cooling system making clicking sounds when it starts, or you might notice it struggling to get the compressor going when it cycles on. This “hard-starting” can absolutely be a sign of a failing capacitor.

Dying Motors

Have you discovered an acrid, burning odor coming from your air conditioner or from the room vents? The likely culprit is one of the motors is on the verge of burning out. This can occur due to a loss of lubrication or too much dust on the motor. Shut down your AC and give us a call for repairs. Our techs may be able to save the motor. If not, it can be replaced.

Ice on the Coils

It’s never natural to see ice developing anywhere on your air conditioner. But if there is something amiss with your air conditioner, you may very well notice frozen evaporator coils. If this happens, it means the refrigerant isn’t absorbing enough heat and is remaining so cold that it is freezing moisture along the coils.

This can mean that you have leaking refrigerant, which is a serious issue that needs professionals to repair it as soon as possible.

Low Airflow

Have you noticed that the air coming out of your vents seems weaker than normal? There are a number of potential culprits, like a clogged air filter, a damaged blower motor fan, or even breached ductwork. Before calling for repairs, check on the air filter to see if it needs to be changed out.

Another possibility is that the air flow is fine, but the air coming through the vents isn’t actually cold enough. This could be due to a refrigerant leak or again, breached ductwork. Truly the best thing you can do if you notice this symptom is to give our staff a call.

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